Two more days

So it’s nearly here. There is just today and tomorrow to complete in our 100 day challenge.

I know what I am doing today, I am going to intervals at running club tonight which is tough though I do enjoy it, especially when I get back. Tomorrow I will do my usual walk back from Pilates so by lunchtime it will be complete.

Then it will be done, complete. It’s big day tomorrow because Thomas takes his driving test as well. We will be celebrating whatever and it would be something special to be able to celebrate the two things.

I had been for a run yesterday and then Antony wanted to do his exercise so I went out for a walk with him and we were talking about what to do next, how will we take it from here? We have some ideas that we want to experiment with and it won’t be until after Christmas as it’s good to change things round and not just jump from one thing to another. I feel and I think that Antony would agree that as the time has gone on I have been more committed than ever and have really fought at times to make it work-like walking round Skipton at 11pm so that we kept our agreement-and it has become really important to complete it.

I am going to be counting up this afternoon and later to see how many miles we have run/walked, I will post and let you know.


The photo I am going to post is Antony’s attempt to catch the moon as it broke through the clouds lat night, by the time he had got his camera out it had disappeared again and didn’t come back out!!