Two days of walking

My legs are feeling very tired, I am also feeling very proud of myself.So far this week I have either walked or run over 20 miles and I have also still got 3 more days of this week left so I don’t know whether I will get to 30 miles.

I have run a lot this week and done some tough sessions. On Tuesday we did intervals with running club and boy were they tough, ‘hills’, that’s all I have got to say! I have done Pilates and walked back and then last night we went running again with club. So today and tomorrow I am going to enjoy going on some brisk walks.

It’s quite interesting I am also drinking a lot more water because I have easy access to it now during the day and I am doing more exercise and my skin has improved quite a lot, it’s clearer and softer and blemishes seem to clear quicker. I suffer from eczema and a few other things to do with my skin. I often suffer as the winter deepens and the central heating is on more, my lips get very sore and I really struggle. What will be interesting is how I get on this winter with all that I have been doing differently. Do these simple things make a big difference? I will only really be able to tell as the winter goes on but so far so good.