New Challenges

So here we are at the end of January already, so we’ve had Christmas, New year and then almost straight away we had Thomas’s 18th.

Before I know it virtually the whole month has gone by and I am starting to feel a bit directionless.

So I am thinking of setting some new targets, and am mulling them over in my head as to which would be the most useful to me at this time.

One of them is to do the steps that my Gamin says I should do everyday, which is just over 10,000. That’s easy on a day when I am running or going for a walk, more of a challenge when I am around home and wanting a quieter day. I wasn’t planning on doing it for 100 days or anything like that, more for a week or two. To see what that takes.

Another is around cooking and showing you all what we cook every day and where we get our recipes from. Not sure how that would work, just thinking about that. We are currently broadly following a meat and two veg diet, so making things simpler and looking at how that makes us feel. So far so good.

I will let you know when I have decided.

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