It’s still a long way

So we are down to the last 15 days of our 100 day challenge. It should feel like a count down but do you know what I really feel like it is a long way off and I want to keep pushing myself. It’s really interesting to see what is coming up for me, I am wanting to finish it on a high and not glad to be done but rather to do more and what will be my next challenge. I have got a cross-country race next Sunday, I am going to do another park run, I am going out running this morning, it all goes on and on. Who knew!

There have been times when it’s been tough,however overall it’s been so much easier that I could ever have imagined. I haven’t wanted to quit, we have done it together and on our own. I have done short distances and also longer ones. I have enjoyed some days and absolutely hated others.

I am now finishing off my jobs at home then getting ready to go out running. I don’t really want to go but also I don’t really want to not go if that makes any sense at all. It will be really interesting to write up when we are finished. Both of us have to post so you can get what that feels like from both perspectives.