Day 90- Cross-Country

So yesterday I did my first cross-country event of the season. Gosh, gosh, gosh it was something else. I was nervous, excited and it was really good fun. Apparently it is one of the toughest courses of the season and I did it. There was so much mud, so many hills and it was a long way. When I was struggling up the hills and could hardly talk I was so out of breath, I get into thinking that it is just me and I am the only one who is struggling, I start apologising. It’s just my way of coping and I’m not sure how to do it any different. Yet when I got back everybody was talking about how hard the hills were and that it was a tough course, so instantly that makes me feel better. Now what I am staring to notice is that I am stronger on the flat and downhill so I need to work on those and getting better when I get to the top of a hill. Always something to work on!

I am posting a photo of me at the end with my sprint finish which apparently makes a difference to the overall standing of the women because there were only 4 women racing yesterday. One of the women runners in Skipton said that if I had any energy left at the end of the race and could sprint it out and pass a few people to have a go and I did and it felt really good because I overtook about 6 people at the end. I also won a bottle of red wine at the pub after. Not bad at all. Only 9 more days to go!!