Day 50

I had promised that I would write again a few days after my 10 mile run last Sunday and for one reason or another this is really the first opportunity to write. I have felt all sorts of emotions since completing the run, from thinking I might never run again,to getting emotional,to emabarrassed (don’t ask me why)! Antony and I ran on Sunday and it was fine, so now I have to scoop myself up and get going again and decide if or where I want to go with my running. Maybe no-where other than a method of keeping fit. I will let you know when I do decide if I ever do.

We have reached day 50 of our 100 day challenge, am I feeling fitter? Yes I am, has there been a dramatic transformation? Then no! I don’t know what I was expecting, a complete body transformation. I wish!! My stamina has really increased though and my body can definitely handle more exercise.

I am thinking of changing it for the next 50 days, I want to loose half a stone and feel stuck so that’s my challenge, I think I need to find some ways of burning more fat, committing to doing more. I feel quite scared posting this as I don’t like committing to weight loss as I always feel the pressure. So no beating myself up and just upping my game and staying focused. We are going to London next week so I will have to think about what to do there and how.

Back to running club tonight having had a couple weeks off, I feel nervous about that. I do however know I will feel better for having gone! That’s life!!