Day 41- the big run

So it’s the day after today, now, day 42. I have to admit I didn’t do any real exercise Friday or Saturday as I had been advised to properly rest as I had an injury.

I had booked myself on the race in May, so has been a long time coming and it has taken up a lot of brain space. I woke up yesterday morning feeling quite calm and just wanting to be on the other side of it.

So how was it- well tough is the honest answer, much harder than I thought. I got a really big mental block around 5 miles and really had to fight my demons to carry on. So I slowed down and just made sure I kept putting one foot in front of another. Run 10 miles is what I did in just over 1hr 46 minutes. It was a long way and I just got to see just how far 1 mile is, never mind 10. I don’t think I had ever really though about it before but it is so much further than a KM. Coming up to the finish lines and hearing Antony cheer me on was one of the most wonderful sounds and I feel quite emotional just writing about it now.

Afterwards  I felt so pleased to have finished, relieved and as I said earlier glad to be on the other side of it. We left and went into York where we celebrated with a glass of Prosecco (which had been my treat for finishing and not having drunk for a while). We stayed and had some tapas and then came home for a wonderful Spanish dish that Antony had prepared and enjoyed a bottle of really lovely red wine.

I will write again in a few days and let you know how I feel both physically and mentally having had a few days to get over it and move on.

In terms of how I am physically today apart form being stiff when I sit down for a long time and a sore toe nail I’m fine.