Day 22

Antony and I as I am sure you are aware are doing 100 days of either walking or running, we are now on Day 22.

I am committed to do a 10 mile run on the 8th October so this has been really good way for me to stay focused. I ran 8.8 miles on Saturday and was really pleased because I saw for the first time that its going to be possible for me to do this, whereas, up until that point I was really doubting myself.

So now not having run for 2 days (done two brisk walks instead),I am back to worrying again, I had a weekend of drinking and eating a lot , which I loved at the time, but sets me back. So for the next few weeks I am really going to watch what I drink and save it up to celebrate after. I’m not saying I won’t have a few glasses of wine but I see how it affects my judgement of myself and how it affects my body. So back to running club tonight which really helps me and pushes me.

Onwards and slowly upwards.