Good Morning

So it’s Monday morning and I’ve been awake for ages. I have lots going on in my mind- nothing specific just lots of different thoughts.

How to create an income that doesn’t tie me down to 9-5,that allows me to be expansive. Exercise, diet, looking for ways to get the right balance and also enjoying myself at the same time.

We did  Monday- Thursday last week with no meat, we ate vegetarian or fish. That was really good, so much easier than I had thought. We had talked about having vegetarian food for the week but to be honest I don’t feel confident or willing enough. So we ate a lot of fish which the boys really like. This week we are going to London and staying with our best friend, so we will do it again next week and see how that goes. I think always with the thought that we will change it if it isn’t work ing for us at many different levels.

I haven’t been doing as much running since my race, have felt very wobbly since and have lost my confidence bit. We went for a run last week and it was awful.So have been doing a lot of walking. We did over 20 miles last week which is along way. Anyway I am going out with Charles today, he is going to help me (so he says). I just have to be kind to myself, not an easy process for me!

Will keep you posted.